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Originally Posted by imbloodyskintagain View Post
Ive just bought a secondhand akro system off ebay along with a bazzaz that guy had fitted and told me its been mapped on dyno.
Now i did read somewhere the otherday that even though ive got the bazzaz i still need to get akro race map unlocked?
Now that doesnt seem to make any sence to me, so anyone know if this is true or BS??

Here's what I know. Things like the Powercommander and Bazazz are all very basic add-on boxes that can richen or lean the fueling from whatever the ECU is putting out based only on RPM and throttle position (TP%).

The stock ECU sets fueling on many more factors like temperatures, throttle demand changes, demand rate of change, pressures, etc not to forget our very advanced RBW system on the RSV4 which definitely comes into play.

Those add-on boxes are more of a fine tuning device and they have limits. They cannot alter ignition timing or any of the RBW settings. All those Parameters get changed with the RACE mapping. Full power ignition, full power RBW settings, and full power fueling. The RACE mapped ECU is the only way to change those parameters from stock.

The bottom line is you still need the ECU putting out good information to the Bazazz or Powercommander and then you custom fine tune it on a dyno or a self learning setup.
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