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Old 11-29-2011, 04:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Squid View Post
The bottom line is if you want to run a Slip on or Full aftermarket Exhaust system on your RSV4 you have to install the Race ECU due to a lean condition around the 7K RPM range, PERIOD. (See Dyno)

When it comes to the Aprilia Race ECU (Known as the Akra Mapping) you can either go to your local dealership and for a fee they will (Unlock the Stock ECU) and upload the Race/Akra Mapping but if you do this you will never be able to reload the Stock mapping. Another way is to buy the Race ECU and then if you sell your bike or decide to go back to stock you can remove the Race ECU and sell it.

So what's the difference you ask?

RSV4 ECU Modes

Modes for stock bike and Stock ECU mapping
T= is full stock power all gears
S= sport, the SPORT mode has been designed for sporting use. In this mode, vehicle performance is reduced in the first and second gear.
R= road The ROAD mode has been designed for road use. The system reduces the maximum torque supplied by the engine and smoothly delivers it so as to prevent loss of grip. In this mode the motorcycle's performance is limited, and therefore, the maximum speed cannot be reached.

Modes for Akra Race mapping in a unlocked Race ECU
An Unlocked/Race ECU will say RACE on the dash for all these modes

The ECU is loaded with the three Akra maps R, S and T, all of which are full power maps designed for open pipes with no cat.

R Mode limits torque in the first three gears (recommended for less experienced riders in poor grip conditions).

S Mode is a “full power” map, but with a softer throttle response.

T Mode is a “full power” map with extremely direct throttle response (recommended for expert riders).
I just looked at the original post and the dyno print out. And from what I can see is that you guys are say you have to have the Akrapovic mapping on the ecu to get the air/fuel ratios correct. But that is wrong. Most aftermarket fuel modules such as a power commander will allow a dyno tuner to properly custom map the bike for any modifications such as pipes, cams, headwork, etc. The real question is what is the change to the ignition mapping and other fuel management/ ignition components. Aprilia has software to do full engine set up and adjust most of the ecu's settings. I would like to see some of the super stock dyno print outs. I would also like to see the print outs of a rsv4 with stock ecu properly mapped with a pc5 instead of just some dealer downloaded map used on the wrong pipes.
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Old 11-30-2011, 03:15 PM

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If you'll look at the date of the first post the Power Commander wasn't available for the Aprilia RSV4.
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bazazz, powercommander, race map

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