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Old 11-20-2011, 04:58 PM

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Default aprilia RSV4 map updates 11/11/2011

Aprilia released new maps for the RSV4 R and Factory and the changes are as follows:

1338AA13 FACTORY version standard mapping with a-PRC
1338AB13 FACTORY USA version standard mapping with a-PRC
1338AC13 FACTORY and R versions 78 kW mapping with a-PRC (RESTRICTED)
1338AD13 FACTORY version mapping for Akrapovic exhaust with a-PRC (RACE)

1338AE13 R version standard mapping with a-PRC
1338AF13 R USA version standard mapping with a-PRC
1338AG13 R version mapping for Akrapovic exhaust with a-PRC (RACE)

The new updated maps have added the Factory/R model split for the RACE mapping
:improved starting and further fix to stalling
:better QS and APRC functions at slow speeds
:improved tip-over sensor response (Which is a biggie since there have reports of engines continuing to run after being dropped and shelling the engines)
All maps can be loaded in non-APRC bikes all the dealer needs to do is turn off APRC and QS and the folks at AF-1 can update your ECU by mail and then you'll have to have someone with a Navi or Axione do the throttle learning.
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