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Old 08-25-2011, 08:43 AM

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Default Aprilia RSV4 520 Chain/Sprocket Conversion Weights

You read and hear everywhere that the 520 chain conversion will save weight and from a performance stand point lighter is better but people always seem to leave out just how much weight can be saved by changing from the stock Regina 525 chain and OEM sprocket on the Aprilia RSV4 to a 520 chain and aftermarket sprocket setup and most importantly is it worth it?

I chose the D.I.D 520 chain along with the 16 and 15 tooth primary Superlite steal sprockets I got from AF1 racing. I also purchased a 41 tooth Aluminum sprocket from Drivenracing along with a 40 and 42 tooth aluminum/steal combination sprockets from Supersprox.

To complete my conversion I also replaced the OEM pinion cover with an Aluminum Rizoma cover and the OEM chain adjusters for Gilles Tooling tca.gt both of which came from AF1 racing.

Weightsin Ounces (OZ)

OEM 525 Regina 108 link Chain: 77.3 OZ
520 D.I.D Gold 108 Link Chain : 59.8 OZ

Primary Sprockets:

OEM 16 Tooth Sprocket: 10.4 OZ
Superlite 16 Tooth Sprocket: 7.5 OZ
Superlite 15 Tooth Sprocket: 6.9 OZ

Secondary Sprockets:

OEM Steel 40 tooth Sprocket: 24.1 OZ
Drivenracing Aluminum 41 Tooth Sprocket: 9.8 OZ
Supersprox Steel/Aluminum 40 tooth Sprocket: 21.1 OZ
Supersprox Steel/Aluminum 42 Tooth Sprocket: 22 OZ

(Notice the weight of the Supersprox and the OEM sprocket)

Chain Adjusters:

OEM: 2.5 OZ each
Gilles: 4.8 OZ each

Pinion/Primary Cover:

OEM: 6.0 OZ
Rizoma: 5.4 OZ

So the $$$ question you need to answer for yourself is do you think the cost involved is worth a 2 LBS weight savings and does it really matter?

What I will say is the Gold sure is purty! HAHAHA......later!
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